Brow styling as you wish

Brow styling as you wish

X Beauty - The Salon offers you the possiblity to find the best formatting method for your taste and eyebrows with the help of our specialists. We offer different options based on the eyebrow thickness, density and the guest's wishes to achieve the perfect brow.

The road to the perfectly curved brows of our dreams...

One special procedure is to pluck the eyebrows with a thread. This technique has been used for centuries in the Middle East and South Asia. This is a simple, relatively painless and natural alternative to waxing.
The biggest advantage of using a thread is undoubtedly the beautiful, firm eyebrow. The method is extra precise and the procedure can remove the shortest unwanted hair from the follicle. It does not leave the half-grown, stray hairs there.
The hair is pulled straight out of its roots without the use of chemicals. Unlike tweezers the smallest hairs are removed as well. It aslo has the ability to pull out unwanted microfibers and is therefore more thorough than conventional tweezers. The skin will be as smooth as we would have shaved. The technique seems simple, yet it is worthwhile to entrust it to a professional, as it requires very high precision to remove the appropriate hairs.
The process can be performed on any part of the face. The most common is the eyebrow but we can use it on the chin, moustache, forehead, neck and cheek.

It is not advisable to wax the face area with conventional wax, however thanks to the innovative and unique method of Wax:ONE Hot Wax there is an option. The skin is not dried before treatment, as is the case with other waxes on the market, but oiled. We ensure the the wax does not stick to the skin, but to the hair. This way the surface of the skin remains intact and does not stretch which give the possibilty to use it safely on the face to remove hair.

How you should arrive to the eyebrow styling?

The eyebrow should be as grown as possible. If the goal is to change the shape of the eyebrow the specialist has to know what the basic shape of the brow looks like and what condition it is in to achieve the best result.

How long does the process take?

The first time (the design of the form) with tinting takes approx. 35 minutes, after which the entire process takes approx. 15 minutes. It varies on the rest of the body.

How often do you need to repeat the process to form and maintain the designed form?

Hair regrowth may vary from person to person. Keeping the shape in our salon is easier (an pain-free) with threading and waxing than with other methods of hair removal. Because threading is incredibly precise, it can remove the shortest hairs as well just like the Wax:ONE Hot Wax. Both procedure removes all unwanted hair simultaneously unlike to tweezers. Thanks to this the hairs grow back at the same time. To keep the eyebrow in perfect condition it is recommended to repeat the service every two to four weeks. The more times you repeat the process on after the other, the less often you need to do it over time.

Is the procedure painful?

It is less painful than traditional waxing. With convetional waxes the pain usually results from pulling and stretching the skin. When the lasso-like thread pulls out the hair the rubbing is a little bit pinched, but we do not feel any pain. Other parts of the body have different sensitivity so on areas with finer skin may be more painful.

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